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Eric Jon Hough Jr.

My Story

After developing my first roll of film in 2007, I fell in love the art of photography. In 2013, I was blessed with an opportunity to go to Europe with a handful of students from my college. The trip ended the last day of classes, so I had the option to stay in Europe for as long as I wanted (or as long as I could afford) afterwards. I couldn't resist the opportunity and I'll never regret that decision. Throughout my 5 week experience, I created images that are so beautiful, they transformed my life. I knew I wanted to be a professional photographer and it's been my life ever since.

My Experience

I got my first photography job with Dexter Davis, in Albany, NY. Once Idipped my toes into the waters of wedding photography, I knew I had found my place. Over the past two seasons, I've photographed over 75 weddings under some ofthe best photographers in the area such as Dino Petrocelli, Dexter Davis, Lauren McGarry, and several others. I've had the pleasure of photographing my own weddings and every one my wonderful clients have been far beyond grateful for my efforts and more importantly, my work. I recently received the Couples Choice Award from Wedding Wire andI'm proudly booking enough weddings to work for myself full time!

I also work for the New York State Senate during the legislative session. What's the relevance? I work with a team of seasoned photographers to create high quality images for print, publications and press releases every day. We photograph events, formal group shots, candids, head shots, architecture and anything else they need. I'm under high pressure creating high quality work on demand, and I LOVE IT.

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Phone: (518) 495-6870