Angelas Bridal & Jean Paul

A Styled Fashion Shoot for Angela's Bridal & Jean Paul Salons
What an eventful night with these beautiful ladies. From the very second we arrived on location, we had people beeping their horns and yelling while they drove by. We had a great time and got some awesome shots though. Jean Paul did an amazing job with the hairstyling and make up. These gorgeous wedding gowns are available at Angela's Bridal on State St. in Albany, NY.

Special Thanks
Flowers: Brian at Bountiful Blooms
Models: Ashley Cooper, Lauren France, Skylar Hartz

Sabrina Williams

Styled Shoot for Lauren France - Stylist and Make Up Artist at Jean Paul Salons.
What an adventure I had with the stunning Sabrina Williams! Although we started the day off with a ticket for trespassing, our perseverance led us to a better location where we managed to get these incredibly breathtaking shots. Another "Make Over & Photo Shoot" success!

Shyenne Fox

Styled Shoot for Cassondra Schauble - Stylist at Changes Salon
After waiting all winter for warm weather, I finally got a chance to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. I had a great afternoon shooting with Miss Fox. This beautiful young lady was ready for anything. She was quick to say yes to my ridiculous request to have her pose on a thin ledge a good 15 feet off the ground! It was a pleasure to work with her, and I'm willing to bet we'll be working together again soon.

Katherine Grill

Styled Shoot for Marysha Paulina - Stylist at Changes Salon
Getting stunning shots of Miss Grill was no task at all. She was so full of life, I actually had a hard time getting shots that weren't genuine smiles and bursts of laughter. We worked very well together. This was the first of many to come!

Jackie Calhoun

Valentines Day Shoot for Marysha Paulina - Stylist at Changes Salon
I had the pleasure of working with Miss Calhoun on this gorgeous Valentines Day shoot for Marysha Paulina from Changes Salon in Latham, NY. Her hair and make up looks gorgeous, and she took direction very well. Thanks to Bountiful Blooms in Schodack, we had plenty of fresh red roses to set the perfect mood. All said and done, the results are breathtaking!

Priscilla Gardner

Personal Project for Priscilla Gardner
I had an awesome time working on this beautiful collection with Priscilla. She was very comfortable and expressive in front of the camera. Once I realized her attire wasn't up to par with her natural beauty we decided, with no regrets, to go with the implied look. The portfolio turned out gorgeous! Miss Gardner is a private client, so the full portfolio is not published for the public.

Jenna Dame


Personal Project for Jenna Dame
I had a really fun night in the studio with Jenna on this beauty shoot. You would never guess that she had never modeled before! She started off nervous as expected, but after a half hour or so, she loosened right up and we got some really beautiful shots! Miss Dame is a private client, so the full portfolio is not published for the public.