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Company Policies

Quality Control

We strongly believe in quality over quantity and we take great pride in our exceptional quality standards. We put the images from each project through a rigorous selection process,"Culling," removing all images that are not up to our professional standards from the final collection. We do not provide raw or unedited files. All of our photographs are edited to perfection and provided in jpg. format.


Deposits & Payment Options

We cannot guarantee availability until a deposit ($1,000.00 or 50% ofyour package total) has been made. All deposits are non-refundable. Once a deposit has been made, you can choose between monthly payments or another one time payment. For weddings & other events, the balance must be paid off in full at least 30 days prior to the event. For portrait sessions, the balance will be due on the day of the session. A 5.00% Fee will be applied for all credit transactions.


Delivery of Final Products

Tangible products such as Flash Drives & Archival Prints must be picked up in person at our office in Troy, NY. You will be sent an email or phone call as soon as your products are available. If you need to arrange for shipping, please contact us via phone or email. All shipments are subject to shipping and handling fees.


Collaborative Projects

The photographer holds all rights to the images created during a collaborative project. Our logo will be present on all final images unless a license is obtained. The images are not to be manipulated in any way, shape, or Instagram filter. The photographer is to be credited in all published works and social media usage. If the project is elaborate, the expenses are to be split evenly, between all parties involved.