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How do we obtain the digital files?

We include a flash drive with unmarked, digital files with all of our packages! Once the editing process has been completed we'll notify you that your collection is ready for pickup.


What does the Assistant Photographer cover?

Our assistant photographer is there to help us capture moments that are happening simultaneously.
(1) The ladies getting ready & the gentlemen getting ready
(3) The ceremony kiss & the parents reactions
(4) Intimate moments following the ceremony & the bridal party/guest exit
(5) Family Portraits & food/detail shots before cocktail hour
(6) Reception Details & Cocktail Hour

Will you provide a custom package with a 5 or 6 hour coverage?

We believe we would be doing you a huge disservice by providing coverage for less than 8 hours. You're only doing this once.  We make sure that we're there to capture all of the precious moments that make your wedding day incredible from getting ready, right through cutting the cake and dancing the night away. 

How long is a "Full Day Coverage?"

Our full day coverage starts 3 Hours before the ceremony and ends once we feel comfortable that we have truly captured everything. We typically leave when most of your guests start leaving.


How much will it cost, if we decide to have you stay later than we had anticipated?

Our Overtime rate is $300.00/Hour (post production included). After Party Coverage is an additional $950.00.