Wedding Insight

From the Photographer


Have the Details Ready

We like to start the day off with the detail shots in order to enter the situation unobtrusively. We believe it's best to start with images that allow us to stay in the shadows at first, rather than jumping in everyone's face right off the bat. We ask that you have all of the rings, the flowers, shoes, accessories, invitations, etc. ready for photos when we arrive.


The "Unplugged Wedding"

An “Unplugged Wedding” implies that your guests are asked to keep their cell phones, cameras, video recorders, etc. turned off during your ceremony. We're going to do our best to provide amazing pictures of these priceless moments, so we highly recommend this!

Up-Lighting the Reception

“Up-lighting” on the walls will dramatically increase the quality  of the images that the photographer will be able to produce from the reception. Don't forget to ask the DJ to keep the “up-lighting” on during the cake cutting.

Scheduling Private Romantic Sessions

It is crucial that you schedule a time in advance to do at least one private session for your formal romantic photographs. It's one thing you do not want miss out on. The day will fly by and if you don’t plan a certain time to do them, you might not be able to make time to get them before its dark. If possible, plan to shoot during the “Golden Hour” (the hour before sunset) and/or the "Twilight Hour" (hour after sunset) for the best lighting conditions.

Hire a Professional Hair Stylist & MUA

Simply put, a great hairstylist and/or make up artist is well worth the money!


A Thoughtful Wedding Gift

Start the wedding day off with a thoughtful gift and love note. It could turn into one of the most treasured moments you take from your wedding day!