Weddings with Dino Petrocelli

Second Shooting for Dino Petrocelli

2016 Wedding Season

I spent 2 years working for Dino Petrocelli and it was one hell of a learning experience. I started out as a lighting assistant, carrying bags and lights. After a couple weddings Dino, noticed I was doing a pretty good job with detail photos while he didn't need me, so he decided to put me on as a second shooter and lay some responsibilities on me.

I started to develop my communication skills along with my photography skills and before I knew it, I was taking on a lot of photographic responsibilities and became a big part of the wedding experience. As I went through the 2015 and 2016 wedding seasons with Dino, I became more and more passionate about the art and business of wedding photography.  I can say with confidence, that I would not be as far in my photography career if it wasn't for my experience with him. Here's some highlights from my time working with the local legend.